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Listen, I get it, you think what I do takes balls. Well, it does but I know how scary it can feel out there, all this talk about orgasms, money, and law of attraction!? WT actual F!? I got you. Let's join forces and face the uncomfortable topics together.
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I’m an Orgasmic Manifestation & Money Mindset Expert, Creator of Manifestation Bitch™ and the Host of Orgasmic Manifesting With Adjanys Podcast

I help rebellious spiritual bad-asses bring in all the money, increase self-worth and confidence using the power of your sexual energy and directing orgasmic energy to jet fuel your ability to hit 6-figures and more.

I love women on top (wink)... of the world!


I also host the up and coming Podcast: Orgasmic Manifesting with Adjanys: The new voice for potty mouth entrepreneurial "milf" mystics ...

...and sometimes, for fun and for money I take pictures 

... I am also a mom of 3, work from my phone, make love to the best man in the world, AND I'm 41!

Welcome to the orgasmic LIFE

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A Special Note From Adjanys

orgasmic money is probably the scariest combination of works I could ever say when people ask me the name of my new offer


but those are the most perfect appropriate words to describe how I help people bust through financial barriers and make more money easily.


Manifesting more money faster and while diving into my pleasure, man, there is no better two words.

there is really nothing to be afraid of, you are here, you were born, because your parents had sex, and that's a wonderful thing, because this world is better because you were born

now use that power that created you, to create money!

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