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Listen, I get it, you think what I do takes balls. Well, it does but I know how scary it can feel out there, all this talk about orgasms, money, and law of attraction!? WT actual F!? I got you. Let's join forces and face the uncomfortable topics together.
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Orgasmic Queen


If you here, you must be a baddie too!l


I’m Adjanys (Add-Janice). I’m an orgasmic manifesting expert who blends neuropsychology, law of attraction, sexual energy, and woo to manifest an epic life.


How did I get to become or come into this now abundant orgasmic life? Let me just tell you...

​I grew up restricted, emotionally abused and deeply confused about why it was not okay to be loved as myself. Why out of the people in the world, I was the one that deserved to struggle with love, money, and self-worth.

Because of this, I ran into problem after problem, when I made money, I struggled with men, when I had men, I'd struggle with money, playing between feeling powerful and completely useless. I really got tired of the rollercoaster. So I got off (pun intended)! 

And I never even realized it was all a self-worth issue. I'm 41, part of me feels young people are so lucky, look at all the information, perspectives and enlighting work thats available now, right on your phone! So this wasn't an overnight success story and fuck, I love my story, it was a long time coming (pun intended)! While learning to overcome, I fell in love with neuropsychology, and understanding my behaviors, added the law of attraction and orgasmic energy and saw truly beautiful experiences unfold and my life changed forever.

I love my life, I love my family, my man, and my MONEY! I came to realize I didn't have to pick one, I get to have it all! I found the missing link to my wealth, the net-worth self-worth connection.


It's simple. I help women win. Bottom line. Get sexy, get confident, get ready and rake in the cash!

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